Art director — Stylist, photographer & graphic designer.



artistic direction

This is where my skills in photography, graphic design, styling and other artistic disciplines come together and create magic. My varied experiences and eagerness to constantly (re)invent creative concepts have made me fluent in speaking the language of images. Ranging from music album cover art to fashion editorials, I will gladly put on my thinking cap and lead your creative project to a successful end result.




While working as a freelance stylist I’ve built up a great relationship with several PR Agencies and brands, giving me the opportunity to make use of the newest collections from various brands for my projects. If you need a stylist for one of your next productions, or a red carpet look for one of your VIP clients/talents, drop me a message and I will work my magic to get the perfect look(s) for your project!




When working on the same project over a longer period of time, people have the tendency to start overlooking the smallest mistakes or details that need some final tweaking. In my opinion, no project is finalised until an external party has revised it and given you a go for launch. Through creative consultancy I can help you guide your project to a success story.




Whether it’s a poem, a ‘think piece’, or commercial copywriting, my pen — or computer keyboard — can handle it all.


Do you think I could be of any assistance on any of your projects?