Art director — Stylist, photographer & graphic designer.



I’m a Paris based Creative chameleon experienced in artistic direction, styling, graphic design, photography, writing and overall creative consultancy.

From a young age I developed a strong interest in Fashion. While other boys spent their Wednesday afternoon at soccer practice, I was drawing princess gowns and relied on my grandmother to turn every piece of fabric she owned into my creations.

Later on my interest shifted to creating images in every sort I could possibly think of. I shot thousands of self portraits and turned them all into self-proclaimed pieces of art that would end up being my new Facebook profile pictures. With the use of online tutorials I started teaching myself how to edit photos in Photoshop and started fooling around with After Effects, Illustrator and InDesign.

In 2014 I graduated in Audiovisual Arts (Sint-Lukas Brussels) after which I successfully finished my first year in Graphic Design (LUCA School of Arts). Following my education I have further developed my creative skills without the benefit of a teacher or formal education.

Throughout the years I’ve also built up some significant experience in retail, giving me a strong background in the commercial and creative ins and outs of the fashion business.

Today, I’m working as a customer experience coordinator in fashion retail and as a freelance creative in the fashion and audiovisual business.


Fashion styling for online and offline editorial content, development of creative projects and concepts, photography and photo retouching, copywriting, model scouting and overall creative consultancy.


Concept and design of a retail space, creation of window displays, styling for in-store mannequins, styling and presentation of garments according to trends, working with top-seller lists, top- priority list and commercial tools.